ANIMANIACS are Back as a HULU Original!

When I first saw the news, I nearly spit out my drink in the most dramatic way possible! The Animaniacs are back and my 90s Baby heart could not be happier. I was already super excited that Hulu gave me access to all of my favorite old-school shows including the original Animaniacs. Starting November 20th, all Animaniacs fans both new and old can binge watch 3 zany characters as they cause mischief and make us laugh...

FREE Advanced Screening of COME AWAY on 11/11 @ 7pm!

I know everyone just can't wait till everything is back to normal... If you're like me and absolutely love and miss the movie theaters, then I feel your pain. However, I've got your tickets to a Free screening of a brand new family-friendly film called COME AWAY!