21 Funny Cricut Craft Memes To Get You Through Quarantine!

Our lives during Quarantine consist of us waking up, scrolling through hundreds of memes, hopping on a zoom call, Crafting, eating, crafting again, then sleeping. I'm in a bunch of craft groups on Facebook and I must say, Us crafters are ecstatic to be able to craft without having to go to bed early for work the next day! Here's a List of 25+ memes that would probably make the PERFECT shirt!

Let's Work In Pajamas! #WearYourPajamasToWorkDay

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Who knows which day of quarantine it is? I don't! The only thing I DO know is that Today is National Wear Your Pajama to Work Day! That's right... April 16th is the official day when you can dress in absolute comfort to get your work done!