Party at The Playground with Fingerlings! #LilStylishFingerlings

Before the warm weather ended, we decided to host another one of our #LilStylishUnboxings playdates at the playground, but this time we had animals present! No, not real ones... Just the super cute Fingerlings and ferocious Untamed Fingerlings provided by our lovely Toy sponsor, WowWee. This was the 2nd mini influencer event we hosted, but with a name change...

To help keep parents sane and the kids OFF their electronic screens, I host these fun playdates where the kids are in charge of playing with their new toys. We capture their joys and reactions to then report back to the brands and tell them it was a success!

I set out some snacks, Motts drinks, a castle, and some chocolate bites for the families. As the children arrived they were encouraged to mingle and play with each other and got to see some of the Fingerlings line-ups that they would be choosing from.

After about an hour of play, I brought all the kids in to pick a new BFF out of a bag. It was a better way to distribute the toys since no one knew who they were getting. The element of surprise is always fun. The choices were Pandas, Monkeys, Dragons, and Dinosaurs!

A quick countdown and it was time to unbox. The kids were super excited to play with their new Fingerlings Bffs and were getting super creative in posing their new friends around the park.

After all the fun, It was time to eat. Good thing I utilized Domino's Hot Spot to get some Pizza for the families.

As always, we had some fun giveaways such as the new pink baby unicorn Fingerling named Jojo, a Swoosh Ball, a McCafe Ready To Drink Frappuccino prize pack, and a runner's belt! Check out Our Winners:

Overall, this party was another Hit! The kids were so excited to leave with their new Fingerlings and can't wait to unbox with us again...

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  1. This looked so fun! I love seeing the joy and excitement on the kid's faces. Hopefully, we will be able to attend the next one.