Make every Freaky Friday, A NEW MUSICAL!

Disney's Freaky Friday is out on DVD and it brings musical enjoyment to the family!  Hosting a Freaky Friday: A New Musical viewing party is very simple and all you need is some snacks, DVD, and a Bluetooth microphone.

We're Still Saving the day thanks to the Incredibles 2 Line of toys from Jakks Pacific!

This past summer was an amazing season for children films. It was also the 14-year mark since the first Incredibles movie hit the theaters and it was definitely a film that could not be missed! With the incredible hype of any fantastic film comes a bunch of epic toys that not only allow your kids to act out scenes from the movie using the toys but also dress up and accessorize like the characters! Jakks Pacific wanted us to really get into the different actions of the film so it was VERY exciting to open up a 26lb box of superhero awesomeness!

INVITATION: It's about time for Business Card Upgrades with Basic Invite

So first and foremost, I'm inviting you to join me in upgrading our dreaded, old business cards that we all know we are still using just because we have about 500 left. I've had 3 different business cards for my blog and the next one is always better than the last, but if you're like me and put pictures on your card, then you obviously have to upgrade them at some point. Same goes for logo changes and even contact information edit. Though I've always stuck to traditional card purchases, I decided to try a new site to see how I would like their material, colors, packaging, etc. and Basic Invite did NOT disappoint!

Galactic Adventures through the Universe and Back to School with SOLO: A Star Wars Story


It's time to go on a Galactic Adventure through the universe and back to school! When I was a kid, I always got excited at the sight of a new backpack. Even more when it had the characters of my favorite movie, toy or show! 
In honor of “SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY”, I'm going to show you the best Merchandise to get your kid TRULY ready to express themselves this educational year and a few hot toys to make their afterschool days...

Fun New Disney Content for Kids on Google Home!

School is officially back in session, which means our schedules will be full of playdates, lessons, and practices. Luckily, Google has new games coming to Google Home on Monday for when your family would like to unwind for some family fun time (or a homework break).