Dinosaurs, Arthur, and All things GROSS at the Liberty Science Center!

If you've been following along on our many adventures, you know that we are OBSESSED with the Liberty Science Center over in Jersey City. Every day at LSC is a new adventure and every few months, there are brand new traveling exhibits! Here's a rundown of what you can expect to do at the Liberty Science Center for the next couple of weeks!

Thank A Teacher with Crayola, Win A Grand Prize!

Teachers are a child's parental figures when you aren't around. We come across many teachers in our lifetime and many teach us the skills we need to keep moving forward, but then there are those extra special teachers that we just can't imagine life without!

Reasons Why NY529 Allows Me to Give my Child the Greatest Experiences... Stress-Free

Back in 2016, I attended a little seminar about NY's 529 College Savings Program and I heard these words from a speaker that has since stuck with me... She said, "$1 Saved is way less expensive than a $1 borrowed from a loan because it'll cost you that $1 plus interest to pay it back!" This was it. The truth. I watched my mother and sister struggle a bit with student loans before I had reached college, so I vowed to NEVER take out a Loan. The NY529 account that my mother had set up for me truly helped a lot and though my education has not been completed, I can relax with knowing I don't owe anyone a dime. Let me get a little more in-depth as to why NY's 529 College Savings Program allows me to give my child the most amazing experiences without worrying about her educational future.

Can They Really Save The World? #FREE Teen Titans Go Tickets this weekend!

Our favorite WORST superheroes are going on the big screen to NOT save the world at all, but instead to make us giggle til our tummies hurt... I've got Free Tickets for You to enjoy the Movie This Saturday at 11am in the AMC Lincoln Square Theatre...

How To Be Fancy with Nancy & Gabby! #FancyNancyEvent

You may be wondering "who is this Nancy?" Well, Nancy, a.k.a. Fancy Nancy is a girl who brings the fancy to everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire, and so much more.  Her new show on Disney Junior shows the stories, geared towards kids ages 2-5, which have an underlying theme of self-expression, originality, and love of family. All of this while teaching a few words from the French Vocabulary. So now that you are familiar with Fancy Nancy, Let's learn how to be Fancy... (In the Views of a Gorgeous Doll and 5-Year-Old Duo)

Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 DVD Giveaway!

This post was created in partnership with Sony/Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania 3 is set to hit theatres on Friday, July 13th and we are super excited to check it out, but we need to be ready for everything we are about to see. What better way to do that, than to rewatch the first two films of the franchise? Now your family can enter to win the chance to watch parts one and two from the comfort of your home...