Check Out The Newest Exhibitions at LSC : Doc McStuffins and Sherlock Holmes ! #LSCWinterFun

We were invited to this event as media. Attendees received gift bags and full day passes for attending. This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are still 100% our own.

It's no surprise that our family absolutely loves the Liberty Science Center and we eagerly await each new exhibit and get so excited to see which one appears. This time, we were invited to come and check out the Doc McStuffins and Sherlock Holmes Exhibit and I tell you that no one wanted to leave. 

RECIPE: Quick NON-SPOILER Review & Spider-Man Shortbread Cookies! #Spiderverse

I must start by stating that I am not spoiling ANYTHING about the movie. For anyone who loves, hates, is confused about, or just isn't into animated films, this movie is DEFINITELY still for you! (LOL) Let me explain and I'll end it with a sweet cookie treat...

A Baby Doll Adoption Party Like No Other! #LilStylishCrybabies

Back in November, we hosted an unboxings playdate all about a baby doll who couldn't help but cry when she didn't have her Paci. Cry Babies needed new homes and I looked through our very special list of mini influencers to see who'd make a loving home for each of them. Our mini mommas were set to be so excited and couldn't wait to get the party started!

Bring Smiles To Those Wide-Eyed Faces with Alexa Toys for Tots !

Allow me to share Amazon’s newest Alexa-Charity gifting feature! It's a new program and it allows people to fully embrace the holiday season and bring smiles to those kids that would otherwise not get much. As an Amazon shopper, I appreciate the options that they give me to not only save, but also to give!

Watch Out, Fashion brands... eShakti FX is here for the Crown! ONE DESIGN - ONE HUNDRED STYLES!

My body is so different from the body of my fellow mom friends, family members, daughter, cousin, etc. With that in mind, eShakti created an amazing company that is designed to give us the absolute PERFECT clothing fit! How is that you may ask... Well, I'll tell you!

Make it all about #RealFoodForBabies with Beech-Nut Naturals!

We are a #BeechNutPartner and were provided with product and compensation in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

When it comes to keeping babies full, it's all about natural, real food goodness. We were invited to host one of the fun Beech-Nut® NaturalsMommyParties™ with a few of our favorites mommies and babies. We turned our home into a real food tasting room and the babies gave that a chubby thumbs up!

SPOTLIGHT: The Rise of VTech's Kidi Star Karaoke! #MTNightOut3

This is a Sponsored post in partnership with VTech and MomTrends. All opinions are 100% our own.

It's always a great Holiday season for toys since they love to unveil all the greatest top toys. This year's Holiday Gift Guide is full of fun learning toys that kids and moms alike will love! In our home, We have always been fans of Vtech. They make high-quality toys that last a long time and truly bring smiles and enrichment to each child. After attending a fun Mom's night out, we were given one of their latest toys to review and it's a musical sensation!

A Much Needed Break... Thanks to #MTNightOut3 !

This post was created in collaboration with Momtrends and Meredith Publishing. All opinions are our own!

UGH! That's all I can say about this insanely tiring, yet completely rewarding job I have which is being a mother... With the hustle and bustle of a brand new school, weird mood changes, and literally no time for myself, an invite to Mom Trend's 3rd Moms Night Out event was like my prayers were answered. Let me tell you how much fun I had...

Help Accessorize their lives and Fill those Stockings with Twisty Petz !

Yes, this is definitely a holiday post. I know what you're thinking and I too love the holidays that come before Christmas. However... it's no surprise that with fewer toy stores being available as brick and mortar, there will be stiffer competition to get those gifts that your child really wants. This December, I see a lot of stockings being filled with these fun adorable Twisty Petz that go from bracelet to pet figure in just a twist or a snap!

Party at The Playground with Fingerlings! #LilStylishFingerlings

Before the warm weather ended, we decided to host another one of our #LilStylishUnboxings playdates at the playground, but this time we had animals present! No, not real ones... Just the super cute Fingerlings and ferocious Untamed Fingerlings provided by our lovely Toy sponsor, WowWee. This was the 2nd mini influencer event we hosted, but with a name change...

Halloween DIY: Thrift Store Slappy The Dummy Costume! #GooseBumpsMovie2

We created this post in collaboration with Sony Animations. All opinions are our own!

Thrift Store shopping is my new found excitement. There's something about finding a gorgeous piece to match your daily life in sometimes NEW condition. For many people, the idea of shopping for someone else "trash" gives them the ultimate Goosebumps and that gave me an idea... Why not create a costume using some Thrift Store finds? In Honor of the film that is coming out THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 12th, why not recreate a more feminine version of Slappy The Dummy?

Make every Freaky Friday, A NEW MUSICAL!

Disney's Freaky Friday is out on DVD and it brings musical enjoyment to the family!  Hosting a Freaky Friday: A New Musical viewing party is very simple and all you need is some snacks, DVD, and a Bluetooth microphone.

We're Still Saving the day thanks to the Incredibles 2 Line of toys from Jakks Pacific!

This past summer was an amazing season for children films. It was also the 14-year mark since the first Incredibles movie hit the theaters and it was definitely a film that could not be missed! With the incredible hype of any fantastic film comes a bunch of epic toys that not only allow your kids to act out scenes from the movie using the toys but also dress up and accessorize like the characters! Jakks Pacific wanted us to really get into the different actions of the film so it was VERY exciting to open up a 26lb box of superhero awesomeness!

INVITATION: It's about time for Business Card Upgrades with Basic Invite

So first and foremost, I'm inviting you to join me in upgrading our dreaded, old business cards that we all know we are still using just because we have about 500 left. I've had 3 different business cards for my blog and the next one is always better than the last, but if you're like me and put pictures on your card, then you obviously have to upgrade them at some point. Same goes for logo changes and even contact information edit. Though I've always stuck to traditional card purchases, I decided to try a new site to see how I would like their material, colors, packaging, etc. and Basic Invite did NOT disappoint!

Galactic Adventures through the Universe and Back to School with SOLO: A Star Wars Story


It's time to go on a Galactic Adventure through the universe and back to school! When I was a kid, I always got excited at the sight of a new backpack. Even more when it had the characters of my favorite movie, toy or show! 
In honor of “SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY”, I'm going to show you the best Merchandise to get your kid TRULY ready to express themselves this educational year and a few hot toys to make their afterschool days...

Fun New Disney Content for Kids on Google Home!

School is officially back in session, which means our schedules will be full of playdates, lessons, and practices. Luckily, Google has new games coming to Google Home on Monday for when your family would like to unwind for some family fun time (or a homework break).

Announcing NMB Playdate: EPIC Hatchimals Extravaganza with Motts and More #NMBxHatchimalsBTS

Playdates are the norm for many kids. It's a date where they get to hang with their little friends while mom or dad have some adult interactions and don't completely lose their minds. We've started hosting epic mini playdates with some of our closest blogger buddies to give the kids some more fun to look forward to when there isn't anything else going on. Let me introduce our 1st and latest of our Monthly Blogger Kid Playdates: The Hatchimals Back To School Summer Bash!

I Couldn't Find His Grave...

The Title of this post is a little bit frightening, but it's my truth. My father passed away 16 years ago (This October) and it still hurts as if it happened yesterday. I was 11 years old and though I knew what was going on, my childish mind refused to fully understand it. I was a very furious 11-year-old girl and for these reasons:

DIY Elena Of Avalor Pencil Toppers + a DVD Giveaway!

It's Back To School time again and what better way to get started on having the most unique school supplies than to Do It Yourself? We've teamed up with Disney to create some truly fun and incredibly easy Pen and Pencil toppers that will make your child's accessories stand out. There's also a Giveaway at the end for a Copy of Elena Of Avalor's new adventure, ELENA OF AVALOR: REALM OF THE JAQUINS.

Back To School with the Best Fashions, Supplies, and Foods!

It was that time of year again when the annual MomTrends Back To School Event happened and it was fabulous! From School Supplies to Fashion Trends, there was surely a bit of everything for everyone.

Dinosaurs, Arthur, and All things GROSS at the Liberty Science Center!

If you've been following along on our many adventures, you know that we are OBSESSED with the Liberty Science Center over in Jersey City. Every day at LSC is a new adventure and every few months, there are brand new traveling exhibits! Here's a rundown of what you can expect to do at the Liberty Science Center for the next couple of weeks!

Thank A Teacher with Crayola, Win A Grand Prize!

Teachers are a child's parental figures when you aren't around. We come across many teachers in our lifetime and many teach us the skills we need to keep moving forward, but then there are those extra special teachers that we just can't imagine life without!

Reasons Why NY529 Allows Me to Give my Child the Greatest Experiences... Stress-Free

Back in 2016, I attended a little seminar about NY's 529 College Savings Program and I heard these words from a speaker that has since stuck with me... She said, "$1 Saved is way less expensive than a $1 borrowed from a loan because it'll cost you that $1 plus interest to pay it back!" This was it. The truth. I watched my mother and sister struggle a bit with student loans before I had reached college, so I vowed to NEVER take out a Loan. The NY529 account that my mother had set up for me truly helped a lot and though my education has not been completed, I can relax with knowing I don't owe anyone a dime. Let me get a little more in-depth as to why NY's 529 College Savings Program allows me to give my child the most amazing experiences without worrying about her educational future.

Can They Really Save The World? #FREE Teen Titans Go Tickets this weekend!

Our favorite WORST superheroes are going on the big screen to NOT save the world at all, but instead to make us giggle til our tummies hurt... I've got Free Tickets for You to enjoy the Movie This Saturday at 11am in the AMC Lincoln Square Theatre...

How To Be Fancy with Nancy & Gabby! #FancyNancyEvent

You may be wondering "who is this Nancy?" Well, Nancy, a.k.a. Fancy Nancy is a girl who brings the fancy to everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire, and so much more.  Her new show on Disney Junior shows the stories, geared towards kids ages 2-5, which have an underlying theme of self-expression, originality, and love of family. All of this while teaching a few words from the French Vocabulary. So now that you are familiar with Fancy Nancy, Let's learn how to be Fancy... (In the Views of a Gorgeous Doll and 5-Year-Old Duo)

Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 DVD Giveaway!

This post was created in partnership with Sony/Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania 3 is set to hit theatres on Friday, July 13th and we are super excited to check it out, but we need to be ready for everything we are about to see. What better way to do that, than to rewatch the first two films of the franchise? Now your family can enter to win the chance to watch parts one and two from the comfort of your home...

Fashion Kids Spotlight: You See, It's Kid City Out There!

We were provided with a Voucher to purchase clothing in order to Facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% our own.

It's now the season for travel. It's also the time in which fashion changes from Long sleeves and pants to short sleeves and light skirts. We will be traveling to the Dominican Republic soon and I like to get us things that we will have exclusively to wear out there while brand new. Did I just confuse you a bit? What I mean is that I buy a few items for the travel and immediately pack it, then it doesn't get used until we travel. Kid City Stores had everything I needed for our trip and I was even able to grab some Bonus School Items for our New Kindergarten adventure coming August 20th... Enough of that, Here's our latest Fashion Haul.

Google To The Rescue for Father's Day! #GiftsForAll

This post was created in collaboration with Google. All opinions are our own.
We received products to help facilitate this review.

I don't know what's happening in life, but I've become very bad at remembering what day of the week it is. So Bad that Father’s Day crept up on us and I wasn't even ready! Thank goodness that Google has created some of the Best Products for those dads who are over the Tools, Ties, and T-shirts.

It's a Travel Tech World Out There! #CTATravel

We were invited to this event as media. All attendees received a Giftbag for attending.

It's 2018, life has become all about tech and travel... Why not combine the two to make some amazing technology that is not only insanely cool but also completely useful? I got the chance to check out some pretty awesome tech yesterday at an intimate tech event by Techlicious and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Here's what's new...

Top Notch Awesomeness At The New York Baby Show! #NYBSBloggerLounge

We were invited to this event as media. Opinions are our own.

One of the most awaited baby shows in NYC is The New York Baby Show that's hosted at the Pier Every year in May. I was Invited to the show and given the opportunity to hang at the Blogger lounge with my family, as well as my favorite bloggers and hosts. We had hours to thoroughly check out and explore many brands and though it was hard, I've chosen our TOP 3 Picks from this year's New York Baby Show! Here's what they are...

Amazingly Informative Southern Style Sip & See with Walmart Baby!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. 
The opinions and text are all mines.

Children need a lot. They need Diapers, Wipes, Carseats, Strollers, snacks, food, etc. As they pass a new milestone, they require newer and different things. There's truly one place that I shop at where I am sure to find everything I need! That Place is Walmart...

When You See the High Tech Rise of Amazon Echo's Alexa Skill Blueprints

How would you like to win an Amazon Echo? With the introduction of the Amazon Echo's Alexa Skill Blueprints, we will be giving an Echo away to one lucky reader.

Millions of customers use Alexa’s many skills every day to make their lives a little easier and a lot more fun.

The Truth about Playing with Enormous Zits... Ewww!

This post was created in partnership with NSI International. All opinions are our own.

Yes, You read my title correctly. It may give some of you a queasy feeling, but others may genuinely want to know what the heck I'm talking about. In today's society, people love popping pimples and zits. There's a calming and addictive effect of this trend and it's growing as we speak! (The Trend, not the pimples .... or both?) Did you know that popping pimples actually relieves stress? I guess this is why companies have started to create similarly disgusting, yet satisfying toys like this one... Zits (EWWW!) Pop n' Play Pimples.

It's Time to Head Off on Adventures with Rolly and Bingo, Disney Junior's Puppy Dog Pals!

Join these fun puppy brothers, Bingo and Rolly as they go on fantastic canine adventures! Gabs became Wide-Eyed and excited when she saw this film arrive at our home and it's been on Repeat ever since. Want a chance to win the film? Just Follow the steps Below, It's Easy!

Spotlight: Which Wubble Fulla Is your Favorite?

This post was created in partnership with Element Associates.
We were given a small compensation and product in exchange for this review. 
All opinions are our own.

Who knew that you could fill a Wubble? NSI International Inc. did it again and created the next best Wubble Thing. It's the Wubble Fulla... You can choose between Wubble Fulla Magic Marbles or Wubble Fulla Slime!

10 Free Tickets to the New York Baby Show 2018! #NYBSBloggerLounge

The 2018 New York Baby Show is back and it's happening on May 19 & 20 at Pier 94 will once again be the largest show for new and expectant parents in the country. I've got 10 Free Normal/Family Tickets for the 1st 10 people who hit that link!

Need An OshKosh B'Gosh Wardrobe to Help You Welcome Spring? #Giveaway

Spring is one of the best shopping seasons. Gone are the days of layering and bundling up for winter – it’s time to break out the OshKosh shorts and t-shirts! OshKosh outfits keep your kids comfortable and in style for spring, and all the outdoor activities that come with the season!

We've teamed up with our favorite Bloggers to Host this fun OshKosh B'Gosh Giveaway!

Reason why Candy-flavored Bubbles will make you the best Easter Basket Parent!

This post was created in collaboration with Little Kids Inc. All opinions are our own.

We Love Bubbles. When it comes to outdoor fun activities, bubbles are always a go-to because kids can blow them, run through them and just overall enjoy them for hours! Now... They can even taste them. With Easter being TOMORROW, here are a few reasons why this quick Candy-Flavored Bubble Pick up will make you the Best Easter Basket Parent ever...

Off To The Auto Show with TOYOTA - Trusted From Birth to Adulthood! #Giveaway

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by A Girl's Guide To Cars 
however, all opinions and experiences are my own.

We've been a Toyota Family for as long as I can remember. My mother was a Toyota 4Runner obsessed Parent for YEARS until 2017 when we decided to switch over to a 2017 Toyota Highlander. The differences are MAJOR, but one thing is still the same... I feel safe. BTW, A Girls Guide to Cars is giving away 10 pairs of tickets to the New York Auto Show and a $150 gift card to a grand prize winner. It could be you!

Sherlock Gnomes Would be Excited to Discover this Easter Basket!

This post was created in partndership with Paramount Pictures. This post contains affiliate link.

It's that time of year when parents head out and try to find the best items to fill those awaited Easter Baskets. This year, I decided it would be fun to turn the candy / toy filled basket into a cute Garden Themed one in honor of the new animated film, SHERLOCK GNOMES! This movie will beg the question... Do You "GNOME" who did it?

Here's What Happens When You Watch THOR: RAGNAROK {Giveaway}

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All opinions are 100% our own.

If you're living under a rock, then let me inform you that THOR: RAGNAROK is a MUST SEE film. I will admit that I have yet to fully see the 1st Thor film, but Ragnarok is comedic gold... Here's why...

This is My Latest Music Playlist Obsession for March

I have so many Travel-related posts to complete, but I thought it would be fun to tell you guys what my latest musical obsession is for the month of March. These are songs you may all know if you've watched the latest movies and a few you may not due to the language of it, but I'm obsessed so here goes...

Top 3 Reasons Why Crayola Experience in Orlando is a MUST! #NMBTravels

Our latest trip to Orlando was really a sport all on its own. I made sure to really plan our days accordingly so that we would have time to do almost EVERYTHING we wanted to do out there. We got in pretty late on a Monday so planning anything aside from a bite to eat was a waste of time. The next day was activity day and the first thing on our list was a visit to Crayola Experience in Orlando. Here are my top 3 reasons why visiting the Crayola Experience in Orlando is a MUST...

Family Travels: Packing For a Week #NMBTravels

We Traveled! I Hadn't been on a Plane since I headed to the Dominican Republic back in 2010. It's now 2018 and though we weren't traveling International, we were still hopping on a plane to the Happiest Place On Earth. My kid had NO idea and it was her first time traveling, so imagine the skill it took to pack things in her Luggage and trying on Summery outfits to make sure it fit her. Here's how we packed for a week of fun with a Wedding on the side...

Turn Your Disney•Pixar's COCO Movie Night into a Family Reunion! #Giveaway

We were provided with Film and/or product to help facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% our own.

I must start by telling you that we've all become Un Poco Loco with COCO! This wonderful film is just so vibrant and full of Life (even after Death). It did raise many questions in regards to death from my 5-year-old, but nothing that was too difficult to explain while using the movie as a reference. It's the ultimate family film so why not put together a family fun movie night?

Care For your Post-Pregnancy Tiger Stripes with Palmer's!

#PalmersBellyEvent #PalmersBelly

When I was pregant, I tried hard to keep up with a routine for my belly. I was an inconsistent sleeper so my schedule for going to bed, putting on night cream, or any other nightly things never happened the way I wanted them to. Dare I say, I definitely earned my Tiger Stripes. Fast forward to now and Palmer's has created an incredible new line that is said to be more amazing than the last. With the new formulated ingredients, New Mom Bellies everywhere can rejoice.

DIY Peter Rabbit Inspired Outfit !

This Post was created in Partnership with Peter Rabbit / Sony. We were provided with a giftcard to facilitate this post.

Everyone's favorite adventurous rabbit is back! Peter Rabbit, the mischievous and adventurous hero who has captivated generations of readers, now takes on the starring role of his own irreverent, contemporary comedy with attitude. In Honor of the film, I'm pulling out this super cute DIY Peter Rabbit inspired Outfit for your little ladies...

Plan The Perfect Creative Galaxy Themed Birthday Party!

This post was created in partnership with Oriental Trading. All creative ideas and opinions are our own.

Happy New Year, Everyone! I've been MIA mostly because I've been too busy working, super tired, and planning a mini long needed vacation. My daughter is a January baby and just turned 5! She LOVES parties so I had to celebrate some way. I asked her what her theme should be and she immediately said "Creative Galaxy"... I had lots to do since there was NOTHING out there on how to put this theme together. It was time to Mix, Match, and Improvise.