5 Tips for Getting your First Car using Cars.com

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The process starts with getting your Learner's Permit, then your License. After getting your card, you start looking for the perfect car that'll suit you and your family. Finding the right car can be an extremely long and challenging process. There are so many different resources out there providing you with competing information about what you need to look for when shopping for a new car. Let me give you 5 Tips you need to find the right car for you and yours.

Baby Dove To The Rescue! #Giveaway

As a mom to a little girl with bad Eczema, I always find myself trying different brands, different textures, and even some DIY mixes.It had gotten to the point where the adult Dove body washes for Sensitive skin was the only thing working alongside her poofy scrub. You can understand my excitement when I got a nice heavy package in the mail containing a bunch of products from the Dove Baby Line. Tip to Toe washes, Shampoos, Lotions, and Even Wipes. The products were so good that I'm actually missing a few in the photo because they have been used. Within the post, There's also a Giveaway so keep reading!

DIY Trick or Treat Bucket and a Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary DVD #Giveaway!

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Halloween is my FAVORITE Time of year! Not Only do I love seeing the different costumes that come out each year, but also the different Trick Or Treat Bags that the stores sell or People make. If you didn't know, We LOVE Mickey and everything Disney... So when we got the chance to check out the new Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary DVD, I knew it'd be a family affair! It also had my crafty gears turning and I decided to Make a DIY Trick Or Treat Bucket. It's Easy, Fun and You'll be the coolest parent in town!

Keep Salads & Snacks Looking as Delicious as they Taste with Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE! #Giveaway

The brand new Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set is just what you need when you're thinking of living a more healthier lifestyle, and watching what you eat. If you're looking for a set that would keep your fruits, veggies and snacks fresh and crisp, look no further.

Rubbermaid’s pristine 100% leak-proof food storage container, BRILLIANCE, now comes perfectly designed for ready-to-go meals and snacks.

Sesame Street: The Messy Alphabet Book and a Sweepstakes (ENDS 09/22)

Kids are messy... There's no doubt about it. When it comes to story books and learning, we usually like for things to be neat and tidy. In Sesame Street: The Messy Alphabet Book, a new personalized book on PutMeInTheStory.com, Oscar the Grouch and his Sesame Street friends teach your child their ABCs by splashing and crashing their way through the alphabet together in the messiest ways possible! To celebrate the release of this fun twist on the traditional A-B-C book, A few great bloggers and I will be offering up a Giveaway for a total of 4 personalized Sesame Street books and one Elmo Plush.