Reduce WaterWeek Bottles Review and Giveaway!

I LOVE these water bottles! Reduce is a company with a line of affordable, Eco-friendly products that help you to minimize your carbon footprint. 

 "Reduce is a part of Base Brands, LLC and was founded in 2006 out of Atlanta, GA. We make attractive and innovative eco-friendly products that are designed to help consumers "turn over a green leaf" everyday. Our products are created to help solve simple everyday problems, with the added intention of doing something good for the environment along the way.
All of our products adhere to strict quality standards and, as always, are BPA-free, lead-free, and user-friendly."

The Reduce Water Week Kids bottles are the Perfect size for Kids! These bottles are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry or toss in your bag. If you pack a lunch, you may be interested in learning about these Kids Simply Sweet Water Week Water Bottles from Reduce that I was offered in exchange for my honest review. The bottles are 10 oz each and they come in a set of 5.

Here is some information from the Reduce website: 

  • WaterWeek™ offers the ONLY true solution to end the costly and wasteful purchasing of bottled water without giving up convenience. 
  • Just fill, chill & go!™
  • Saves consumers an average of $500 per year! 
  • Includes fridge tray that slides neatly into your fridge.
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe.

By using WaterWeek Bottles you can help reduce the 25 MILLION bottles being thrown away every single day. My Nieces love the designs and different colors and immediately chose their favorite: Drama Queen K Chose the Purple with the butterfly, while Sweetie V Chose the Orange with the cherries. Baby G is too Young to use these, but so far she always goes for the Pink with Cupcakes!

Meet Sweetie V!
Reduce Waterweek Bottles come with a handy tray that fits perfectly in the refrigerator or on the refrigerator door. The bottles are thick but not heavy so they will really withstand multiple uses. The Tray is a great added design to keep bottles in order, but since we like to share in this house everyone has their own bottle. In other words, the tray helps me organize the bottles in order of uses. 

You can buy your own Set here from $16.99 - $19.99 
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  1. I have the big bottle set but would love the little one!

  2. I have these for my daughter and I LOVE them! Cutie

  3. I'd love the WaterWeek Kids Kaleidoscope ones for my boys!

  4. The Small Set Would Be perfect For Harper!

  5. We are trying to find ways to safe. I think our family should cut out juice boxes and this is a great replacement. Mom of 3.