Lalaalu May 2013 Review!

Here's my review on Baby G's May Lalaalu box for a 4 month old. One Thing I can honestly say is that Lalaalu has yet to disappoint me and this is Box # 2. Due to a Shipping Error I received my May box together with my June box. I wasn't mad only because customer service emailed me right away to let me know what had happened. That's enough of me rambling, now time for the good stuff.

I Love seeing this White Box with the Blue, Orange & Pink art ^_^
My Boxes were shipped in a big brown box, to cut shipping cost...

Any ways, when I first Opened the box Here is what I saw.

My Personalized Info Sheet and Under it....

In Honor of Mother's Day.
A Surprise Mommy Gift!!
  • Weleda Refining Toner ($17.50) - I Was Sooooo Excited to receive this as a full size Mommy Gift! Being that this was my First Mother's Day, I felt so special when I opened the box. Just today I thought "OMG! You Totally need to clear up your face" and tada... New Gift awaiting in the mail.
  •  mOmma Fork ($4.99) - I was happy to see another great Lansinoh mOmma product in one of my Lalaalu boxes. The fork helps develop motor skills by combining shape, color, style, & movement. Although I had already bought this same exact fork a month ago on clearance for $2.00 (Yay!), I am still grateful that I now have one to leave at Dear Grandma's House.

  •  Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath ($17.00) - I really appreciate that this cream bath is 100% Certified Natural Baby care. My Daughter has very dry skin and being a first-time mommy, I never knew certain baths and lotions had so Many chemicals. Thankfully I get to try new products and see which one works the best for her.

  •  Dr. Robin Sunscreen SPF 30 ($25.29) - This is the highest valued item in the whole box. It contains Quinoa and Oat for Hydration, it's water resistant AND Gluten-Free! I am a Pool / Beach fanatic and I hope that my daughter will feel the same way! Even if she doesn't I'm glad that this sunscreen will protect my little nugget from getting deep fried.

  •  Bitsy's Brain Food ($7.50) - At first I was a little skeptical about these snacks. Who would have ever thought that orange, chocolate, and beets would make such a delicious treat?  Bitsy's Brainfood snacks are great for babies, toddlers, big kids and even Adults! Hubby is an EXTREMELY picky eater, i handed him a box of these and they disappeared in 5 minutes! (He hates oranges and wouldn't be caught dead eating beats!) I am very happy with the healthy and organic snacks that Lalaalu always includes, they are one of my favorite subscription boxes.

Two extra treats.
  •  More Bitsy's Brain Food ($ ?) -Aside from the box, they also include two single serve packages of Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot. Can't wait to try them.
  •  Endangered Species 3D Bath Puzzles ($4.99) - I was very happy to see a bath toy in Baby G's box of goodies ^_^ . The bath puzzles are made of Recycled Eva Foam. Even the box is made of recycled material. It contains 22 Pieces, has absolutely no sharp edges, and they FLOAT! Can't wait till her next bath time.

  •  Weleda Baby Diaper Cream ($15.43 Fullsize) -I haven't tried any of the Weleda products yet, but I will use it soon, since it's 100% natural.

 Retail Price: $77.27
Amazon Price: $68.17

I Payed $35 for this box and I am AMAZED how much more the value was! I am definitely keeping this subscription for a while!

Do You Subscribe to Lalaalu? If so, what was in your May box? If not, does this subscription interest you? Leave comments below, I'd love to respond!

Disclaimer: This Post may contain an affiliate link. I purchased my Lalaalu box with my own money and was not compensated in any way. All Reviews are Honest and My Own!

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