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What You Need To Know To Plan an Awesome Paint and Sip for Kids! #ADogsWayHome

For the most part, kids love to get messy. Paint is number one on the list of messy craft supplies, but something about the concentration required to paint the tiny masterpiece makes it the most relaxing form of art. A new form of activity is now super amazing and is designed to be for both kids and adults by just switching up the images to be painted and the drinks served... It's called a Paint and Sip party and here's how you can plan your very own for kids.

Check Out The Newest Exhibitions at LSC : Doc McStuffins and Sherlock Holmes ! #LSCWinterFun

We were invited to this event as media. Attendees received gift bags and full day passes for attending. This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are still 100% our own.

It's no surprise that our family absolutely loves the Liberty Science Center and we eagerly await each new exhibit and get so excited to see which one appears. This time, we were invited to come and check out the Doc McStuffins and Sherlock Holmes Exhibit and I tell you that no one wanted to leave. 

RECIPE: Quick NON-SPOILER Review & Spider-Man Shortbread Cookies! #Spiderverse

I must start by stating that I am not spoiling ANYTHING about the movie. For anyone who loves, hates, is confused about, or just isn't into animated films, this movie is DEFINITELY still for you! (LOL) Let me explain and I'll end it with a sweet cookie treat...

A Baby Doll Adoption Party Like No Other! #LilStylishCrybabies

Back in November, we hosted an unboxings playdate all about a baby doll who couldn't help but cry when she didn't have her Paci. Cry Babies needed new homes and I looked through our very special list of mini influencers to see who'd make a loving home for each of them. Our mini mommas were set to be so excited and couldn't wait to get the party started!

Bring Smiles To Those Wide-Eyed Faces with Alexa Toys for Tots !

Allow me to share Amazon’s newest Alexa-Charity gifting feature! It's a new program and it allows people to fully embrace the holiday season and bring smiles to those kids that would otherwise not get much. As an Amazon shopper, I appreciate the options that they give me to not only save, but also to give!