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Spotlight: BUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP®, Now with Gifts For All

Build-A-Bear Workshop® is one of those places that a child would never tire of going to. Each Build-A-Bear in each state has something that makes it a unique place to create your new furry friend and this holiday season, There's a plushy buddy for EVERONE on your list! Once again this year, they bring the fun and magic to the Christmas season with their new holiday assortment of furry friends including the reimagined popular Merry Mission™ line, nostalgic classic movie characters, holiday-inspired furry friends and other gifting collections!

Top 8 Epic Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows for Kids

One thing that I've learned about my sassy 6-year-old is how much she loves theatre. In just these past 2 years, She's seen a total number of 13 Shows and counting! Whether you're from New York City or planning to visit soon, this list (in no particular order) will help you decide which shows to bring your kids to...

The Disney+ Watch-List of a 90s Baby!

Guys... the Disney+ Streaming services has finally launched! I'm super excited and made sure to download the app to every device with the service available. While everyone was starting their views with the Lady and the Tramp Live-Action movie or the epic new series, The Mandalorian... I was reminiscing and getting in touch with my childhood through some great shows and movies. Allow me to introduce this 90s baby Disney+ watch-list!

Best Places To be Adventurous In Costa Rica!

Adventure is all about seizing opportunities. It's also about doing things that are sometimes out of your comfort zone but doing so with excitement, Passion, and lots of enthusiasm. I seized the amazing opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with my daughter on a wonderful press trip. On this trip, we encountered many different animals, tried different types of food, and also did some crazy activities! If You plan on being adventurous, here's where you need to go... 

5 Things You Need To Know to Make Travel to Costa Rica, Amazing!

Costa Rica is a gorgeous country in Central America with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Though all the cultural institutions are located in its capital, San Jose, Costa Rica is best known for its beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, and biodiversity. From the moment we landed, you immediately take in the fresh air and start to plan a future life there. I like to do research prior to traveling somewhere new to see if there is something we should know beforehand, so I decided to give you 5 of my own tips to make your time in Costa Rica, an amazing experience!