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Grab Your Girls and Go See Pretty Woman: The Musical !

We were invited to attend a showing of Pretty Woman: The Musical in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own.

Let me get this out the way and tell you all that I have NEVER seen the movie Pretty Woman nor have I read the book, but I did know what it was about. When I was invited to see Pretty Woman: The Musical, I was super excited since I am a HUGE fan of any and all Broadway Theatre Shows. Though I usually bring my 6-year-old along to enjoy these shows, I remembered what I had read about the storyline, found it to be kind of inappropriate for children, and decided to bring my friend along instead.

Go Back In Time With Kabillion, the totally FREE Video on Demand network for kids! #CordCutter

This post was created in collaboration with  Kabillion . We received a Roku Stick in order to help facilitate this review. Opinions are our own.

If your household is like mine, then you're probably a cord-cutting family too! In which case, you probably own one of the many TV streaming devices that are out on the market such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, etc. I used to find myself struggling to find a child-friendly app within these devices that provided FREE entertainment and didn't cause my child to stay stuck watching 1-5 specific episodes or movies on repeat. It's time I introduce you to Kabillion!

Men In Black: International brought us to a different World! #MovieReview

Men In Black: International is a movie from another world! I’ve always been a Die Hard Men In Black fan and was happy to see that this movie did not disappoint. Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth bring in the same energy and chemistry that they do in the Marvel Films. It’s fun, spark-filled, and funny. With MIB International we get a new batch of characters as well as a few of our favorite Aliens and animals from previous M.I.B. Movies.

SPOTLIGHT: 3 Films to Catch for a Summer Of Disney! #DisneySMC

The kids are almost out of school and aside from all the camps, trips, adventures, and vacation, It helps to have some downtime. What better way to do that than to catch a movie in a nice quiet movie theatre? Did you know these 3 Disney films were coming soon to liven up our summers?

Live-Action Aladdin Didn't Fill Any Shoes... They Broke In A Whole New Pair! **No Spoiler Review**

I’ve always been a die hard Aladdin fan! From the moment I saw the original cartoon film, I was trapped in enchantment with their music, lively colors, comedy, and gorgeous landscapes. They fun only continued through the playing of Aladdin on my Super Nintendo. When I received an email asking me to screen the brand new Live Action Aladdin, I was ecstatic and afraid. Afraid of how someone else could fill the shoes of the Characters we know and love...