Monday, July 3, 2017

Fireworks Aren't As Amazing On Camera! #100DayBloggingChallenge

We attended a surprise party for some family way up in the suburbs. The day was gorgeous and we all looked great. My kid had a bright smile and was just giving off joy, but I took NO pictures. And guess what? I don't regret it…

If you know me well, you know I take photos all day. No matter what fun we are having, I take pictures or record video for the sake of keeping and sharing memories. That day was fun. That day had nice weather. That day, I decided to live in the moment.

I saw friends and family who I hadn't seen in months. Some I hadn't seen in over four years! We talked, laughed, ate all the food. At one point in the party, there were fireworks being thrown a few blocks away and I thought the second-floor balcony deck of this gorgeous house would be perfect to catch a glimpse of it. Just Gabby and I were up there and I contemplated getting my phone, but I thought NO. Let me enjoy this moment. Let me admire the look on my daughter's face as she watches the different colors in the sky.

This also allowed me to reminisce about my own childhood days near the 4th of July when all we did was WATCH the fireworks rather than record or take pictures that lacked showing the real beauty of the epic light show. For those few moments, it was just my daughter and me talking about the fireworks and picking favorites. She was elated and so was I.

My only advice for this Independence day or any day actually, is to put that camera down. Just live in the moment, talk to your kids and just enjoy life! They'll only be small for a short time and you don't want it to pass you by...

Have a WONDERFUL July 4th!
2 comments on "Fireworks Aren't As Amazing On Camera! #100DayBloggingChallenge"
  1. Luv the idea! I sometimes do that too. Being a blogger and digital entrepreneur, taking the camera out to take some pics for a potential blog post just becomes like a second nature though lol

    1. LOL! I couldn't agree more! There was a point where I carried my DSLR EVERYWHERE. my shoulders would ache so i switched to phone Lens.