Monday, June 26, 2017

Getting Ready for Summer Fun with Water Wubble! #WaterFun #SummerPlay

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. I received this Water Wubble for review, as well as, financial compensation in exchange for my honest opinion. As with all my posts, our opinions are 100% honest and our own. This post may contain affiliate links. #WaterWubble

You may already know that we are huge fans of the Wubble Ball company from our Wubble Ball, GloWubble, and WubbleX reviews in the past! When I saw that they had a new product out, I just knew we had to get our hands on it. My kid LOVES water so the fact that this new Water Wubble product featured the ball my daughter loves to play with which is now getting filled with water, we couldn't pass up the chance. On the hottest day of the year, we grabbed our friends and headed to a nice grassy park that had a water fountain nearby...

First off, let me explain how the popular Wubble® brand of products – has taken the classic water balloon battle to a whole new level. Water Wubble water balloon balls seal themselves, so fingers never fumble to tie them and the battle can begin right away! Being that the balls seal themselves, these 4-year-olds had no problem getting them filled up and ready to play (after the initial learning curve of course.) There's no need to clean up balloon particles all over the floor because they splash, but don't pop. And best of all, Water Wubbles can be filled and refilled hundreds and hundreds of times – and to almost any size we desire!

I must add that when you are playing on a grassy field, there will be lots of dirt that get on the Water Wubble. It's best to have a bucket to clean them before refilling them if you just want to get wet and NOT dirty. You can fill the Water Wubble from a faucet, with a hose, or in our case just dunk it under water in our portable splash pad. It actually makes a great pool toy, bath toy and the perfect take-along to the beach. We were also using it like a water pistol by squishing it in our hands and spraying water all over the other person!

I saw kids very intrigued to figure out what these contraptions were. My daughter had the time of her life with them and can't wait to use them again throughout the entire summer. As with the other Wubble Ball products, you can find these at your local Target store!

Now head out, grab a pack, and get going with the most amazing water balloon fight of the year!
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  1. How fun! We love playing in the water and my kids LOVE water balloons. This is a great summer toy that we will need to pick up for the kids. I can see them having a lot of fun.