Sunday, January 21, 2018

Plan The Perfect Creative Galaxy Themed Birthday Party!

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Happy New Year, Everyone! I've been MIA mostly because I've been too busy working, super tired, and planning a mini long needed vacation. My daughter is a January baby and just turned 5! She LOVES parties so I had to celebrate some way. I asked her what her theme should be and she immediately said "Creative Galaxy"... I had lots to do since there was NOTHING out there on how to put this theme together. It was time to Mix, Match, and Improvise.
Friday, December 15, 2017

Treat Yourself with Google at NYC's Flatiron Pop Up!

Caution: Fun Experiences Ahead...

We were invited to the Pop-Up as media and treated to some fun activities, a Google Home Mini
and Customized Wrapping paper.

A few weeks ago we received an invite to check out the Made By Google Pop Up Shop down in Flatiron. We got to have a hands-on experience with all the cool google products and gadgets that are currently available. When we left, I promised my kid we'd be back and sure enough, we were invited back to get a completely different experience than the 1st time with their event, Treat Your Self!
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DIY Scrooge McDuck Stocking and Ducktales DVD Giveaway!

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During this holiday season the one question is, are you a Scrooge McDuck? I am a huge fan of DuckTales and when I heard about it coming back for the kids of this new generation I got really excited. Although Scrooge McDuck has a cold heart, it's nothing that Huey Dewey and Louie can't melt. In honor of the film, I am giving away (1) copy of the New Ducktales: WooHoo! DVD and also teaching you how to create a fun Scrooge McDuck Christmas stocking.

Here's what you will need:

* Hanging Stocking (I chose a red one to match the red robe he sometimes wears, though the old school watchers will remember he wore blue)
* Christmas Tinsel Garland
* Hot Glue
* Construction Paper
* Colored Mesh rolls

1) First thing is to create the Money that Scrooge loves. Grab your Mesh rolls and unroll it to lay flat on green construction paper. Glue it together using hot glue in a low setting. Once that is set, cut out short rectangles and place aside. Draw out the Scrooge McDuck Dollar Signs on gold or yellow sheets and cut them out.

2) Once You've cut out and created your Dollar bills, place them aside. Grab your tinsel and decorate your Stocking. I added one piece to the top rim to represent Scrooge's feathers. My stocking had an overlapping piece that looked like a banner so I added tinsel underneath it to make it look like Scrooge's feathers are peaking out from a too tight robe (insert giggles).

3) Once you add the tinsel, you are literally 90% done. Grab the same gold or yellow paper that you cut the dollar signs with and ut out a money bag. Arrange the bills how you want it and glue it down. I wanted the bills to look like they came out of the money bag, so I glued it on top. And I was done!

Now we have a fun stocking to fill with the awesome Ducktales WooHoo! DVD. Now it's time to win... Just enter below.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tangled Inspired Hairstyle for the Holiday (& Giveaway!)

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In honor of today's tangled release, I will be sharing with you a super cute tangled inspired hairstyle that your Little beauty can rock for the holidays. Continue along for a chance to be entered to win our Tangled DVD giveaway.
Monday, December 11, 2017

Top Video Game Gifts for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2DS, and PS4! #2017Holiday

We received a copy of each of these video games in exchange for our honest review and gift guide inclusion!

The Holidays have arrived so quickly! I had no time to prepare my speeches, write-ups, and even gifts... All of this might actually be due to all the awesome gaming I've been doing on our Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Nintendo 2DS. Here are the Top video Games that must make it under the Christmas tree this year.

Note: These games are not posted in any order, Just by System.
Monday, December 4, 2017

Make Bibo your Top Gift for Cocktail Lovers #Giveaway

Bibo is the perfect gift to give yourself – it provides a better way to relax with your friends and family.  Making a cocktail is as easy as 1-2-3: Turn on the machine, pop in your cocktail mix pouch and hit mix. Leave the rest to Bibo. You bring the guests, Bibo brings the party; you’ll be enjoying a perfect and refreshingly tasty cocktail in less than 20 seconds. A great cocktail always makes a night extra special!

Bibo is a solution for women everywhere who are looking for a better way to enjoy entertaining in their homes. It’s the ultimate cocktail machine because it does everything for you and keeps it easy. Convenience is at its core.